Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Intro

I've debated with myself about how should I start my blog. Being that this is indeed the first post, it will set the tone as well as the audience in which I'm trying to reach. Not knowing I've had the answer within me all along, the best way for me to start my blog is by simply being me... So with that being said here goes nothing lol, really hope everyone enjoy!!

First and far Most, I want to thank my pushers (Supporters) I at times tend to be such a procrastinator, but with the help of Drazz (My husband) and Kitt Deluxe (My bestie) they've help me to move forward with expressing my love for not only Fashion but graphics as well. Everyone has there own idea as well as definition of exactly what fashion is. After all that's what having swag is(one's very own sense of style). I just hope that you all enjoy my view of fashion, or should I say my swagg, just as much as I myself do. In Viewing my Blog always keep in mind that all of my Poses are made by Kitt Deluxe and all of my graphics are courtesy of Obsession Graphix and Photography which is owned and operated by myself (Queentoy Cyberstar).



The Urban Chick

Belt: *COCO*_WideBelt_Brown
Shirt: Gawk! White Casual Shirt
Hair: ICONIC Chaka -Black Pack*
Nails: ocher skin Mandala nails
Lips: {D.A} Lipgloss & Eyeshadow
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge [D] - White
Tote: ISON - kabuki crocodile tote
Earrings: p.c; Studded Gold Circles
Jeans: :A&M:. I *heart* my jeans - Grime 1
Glasses: (Yummy) Mom Glasses - Feeling Sassy Black
Ring on left hand: JCNY Engravable Wedding Rings (Dr4zz I LOVE YOU BABY :P)

Location of photo-shoot:

(BIG thanks to Choi Zhangsun, thanks so much for the warm welcome and the information and help you provided, during photo-shoot. People Trust me when I say this sim is Truly a must see. AND PLEASING TO ANYONE WHOM PAYS ATTENTION TO DETAIL.)




The Bad Bitch

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Electric Red)
Glasses:** DIRAM ** CIGARETTES Sunglasses
Earring in left ear: *ADAMAGIC* GLAM LADY Earring
Hair: [CheerNo] Hair YALLI [Blond 10.0XL] (Male Hair)
Body Suit:** DIRAM ** LADY GAGA - Telephone 2 (Chains Included)
Bracelet: [ glow ] studio - Ribbon and Pearls bracelet (black)
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Longest v1.2 (Cigarette Included)
Ring on left hand: JCNY Engravable Wedding Rings (Dr4zz I LOVE YOU BABY :P)

Location of photo-shoot:




The It Girl

Glasses: ** DIRAM ** PAIGE Glasses
Hair: DeeTaleZ shaved flowery blonde
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Magenta
Clutch: ::HH:: Hucci Knuckle Clutch - Snakeskin Tan 1
Bracelets: [glow] Studio Lowicz Peacock Wood Branclet
Ring on left hand: JCNY Engravable Wedding Rings (Dr4zz I LOVE YOU BABY :P)
Shirt/Pants: ** DIRAM ** LATIVA Outfits-green/brown (Necklace, Belt, and earrings included)

Location of photo-shoot:

All poses, that i use are courtesy of Twisted Poses, owned and operated by Kitt Deluxe (THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOU SUPPORT CHICKA)
Graphics are courtesy of Obsession Graphix, Owned and operated by myself (Queentoy Cyberstar)

You've Officially been UpGraded *pops your collar*


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