Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Prosper(er)

With everything that has been going on in my RL lately, I have been doing my best to keep up with my blog post, so bare with me.

The name that I gave this look is the prosperer, yea yea yea I no your wondering is that really a damn word. Who gives a damn it's one now lol. These last couple of days so much has gone on in my rl to the point where I just have to let those that are close to me in game no that every laugh has really help me get through what has been a very trying time. Often we take advantage of our friendships as well as relationships. But me personally I value and appreciate each and every person whom I've every come across in rl or sl or even imvu, for each and every encounter with another human rather it's one that is enjoyable or even harsh. Everything happens for a reason and no one crosses paths by mistake. With every person I've ever came in contact with for what ever reasoning gave me a reason to not only strive for the best but also believe I am among the best. :D with that being said a few of the pieces in this assumable where made by yours truly (MYSELF.) Many of you may or may not remember my previous attempts at opening a store. Which closed when I had to leave Sl suddenly due to rl. I honestly don't see myself opening back up a clothing store at the moment being that my love is currently shopping and graphics ( and the blogging of my great shopping finds.) Never the less If you would like something made simply inbox me or note card me if I'm offline. Take a look for yourself and see if you can spot the items that I made (There's only two) HOPE YOU ENJOY THE LOOK!!!




The Prosperer

Eye lashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 02
Neckless: blk and gold swan necklace
Shoes: ::Kookie:: City Wedges / Nudes
Shorts: BlackOut shorts (Made by myself)
Ring on right hand: Bandit - Regal Diamonds
Butterfly on eye: Mad' - Idea leuconoe (mask)
Earrings: \/\Cult of Belgar\/\ Gemstone Cluster Earring
Top: Baiastice_Black mirage (gloves and belt included)
Clutch: Animal Print Clutch {zebra fur} (Made by myself)
Makeup: **NOYA** Face Make Up Combination (Tribal_L+lipgloss1)
Hair: .+*Ciar*+.Black [MS] (edited the side of hair with my own hair texture)
Ring on left hand: JCNY Engravable Wedding Rings (Dr4zz I LOVE YOU BABY :P)

Location of photo-shoot:

Poses in this photo are courtesy of The Gifted Poses, owned and operated by Fashanstar Haiku (THANKS ALOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT GREEDY.)
Graphics are courtesy of Obsession Graphix, Owned and operated by myself (Queentoy Cyberstar)

You've Officially been UpGraded *pops your collar*

See You Later :P

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