Monday, September 12, 2011

The Tom-Boy

Yea yea yea. I know I haven't posted a new look in a few days, but truth be told my sl these last few days has enabled me to do everything other then what I really wanted too do. BUT!!! needless to say, I'm back and on track with new "UPGRADES" PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE DO ME A HUGE FAVOR, TO KEEP THE UPGRADES COMING AND THIS BLOG GOING BECOME A FOLLOWER AND, OR COMMENT ON THE LOOKS TO LET ME NO HOW YOU ALL FEEL ABOUT THEM. DON'T BE AFRAID I DON'T BITE. LOL

OK SO HOW WAS I FEELING WHEN I PUT THIS LOOK TOGETHER? HMMMM WELL, WHEN I DID THIS PARTICULAR LOOK I WAS IN ONE OF MY FUCK THE HEELS DAY. Which rarely ever happens lol, but this day I was really feeling "tom boyish." And everyone that knows me no good damn well I'm far from being a damn tom boy. But I started to get dressed and I let the fashionistic Tom boy in me have it's way. I must say the end results were pleasing and not to just me but also to the on lookers in my box asking where did I get certain pieces of my fit from as well. So clap clap for the fashionistic Tom boy in me. Don't no when y'all will see her again. lol Any who take a look for yourself, and tell me what you all think.....



The Tom-Boy

Hair: !VA!Hare Hare-noir
Purse: .:StoRin:. - Luna Red Clutch
Tattoo: :Hebenon Vial: Death of Baroque
Bangle on left wrist: {CS} Glam bangle (Black)
Bangle on right wrist: BANGLE-CB SINGLE GOLD (ryca)
Earrings: [ glow ] studio - Huge earring with feathers
Glasses: .:Yellow Berry:. 80's Sunglasses (color changeable)
Ring on left hand: JCNY Engravable Wedding Rings (Dr4zz I LOVE YOU BABY :P)

Location of photo-shoot:

All poses, that i use are courtesy of Twisted Poses, owned and operated by Kitt Deluxe (THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOU SUPPORT CHICKA)
Graphics are courtesy of Obsession Graphix, Owned and operated by myself (Queentoy Cyberstar)

You've Officially been UpGraded *pops your collar*

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