Friday, October 4, 2013

Gossip (They Don't No)




Gossip: Idle talk or rumor, especially about personal or private affairs of others.

Apparently for some odd reasoning, It appears that I have my own personal Gossip club, that gathers in circles and shares stories, gossip and rumors about the nice and wonderful me. I've decided to dedicate this post to you, just to make you aware that you don't have to play paparazzi. The Toy I was 6 and a half years ago when I made my first account is the same Toy that is presented too everyone around second-life daily. I don't live too impress others, I don't follow behind any one, and always been able to hold my own (physically,verbally,financially & most definitely virtually). Everyone that knows me can express to you exactly how fucking real I am therefore, there is no need for you, your buddies or family to dislike hate or misinterpret the sincerity of anything I may or may not do. I've been on this earth long enough to no and understand; "Just because I may have a valid reasoning to dislike you, doesn't mean I can't be cordial too you". Truth be told, we are all grown, if there is a problem don't gossip be a grown woman/man and step ya ass to me and address it. At the end of the day when all opinions are said and done, fact still remains. Malachi is grown, Toy is grown and we both do what the fuck we please....

The Look:
Now that I got the ratchet out, guess I should speak about this fit huh Lmfao. Of course I have no damn clue where Malachi got anything he was wearing from but you can check out his post titled "Take Flite" by clicking here. The Jeans which I am wearing were only 100Ls and very fucking detailed, like shockingly detailed. I was sort of second guessing purchasing them and decided too give it a go being that they were only a hundred Lindens. (make something a hundred lindens and I'mma take my chance for purchasing the jeans couldn't help but go look for them in other color options, for 100ls they were a fucking steal. The jeans are made by Rita Hazelnut, owner of U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs. I'm a sucka for detail and with these jeans she provided just that. Ladies go grab yours now. They also include phat azz appliers which are shown in photo. Remaining of wardrobe details are below. Hope you enjoy the look and see you next post. Until then..... Love,Fashion,Music and lots of Lipgloss. <3

Wardrobe Details:
Beanie:VD$ Hello Bitchy Beanie.((from L.O.S))

Veil:~Black Arts~Laima Mesh Hat with Veil Black ((repositioned))


Jeans:{U.R.} Classy High Waist Jeans Light Denim ((Phat Azz Applier Included))

Top:.R:R. The Caprice Crop Top - M

Shoes:Flite. - Gliders (highriders) White ((Limited Edition))

Handbag:LaGyo_The apasionado bag savage

Necklace:24K Latvian Gold Necklace

Glasses:[7891.] Jiggy Frames - Black

Bracelet:::GB:: Curb chain bracelet_A-R

Watch/Bracelet set:[7891.]- Aurbierre Watch Set- Gold&Black

Location: Chaos City

Pose(s) in this photo are from KaTink Poses and More

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