Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Being that I am still working on my store in-world and haven't had as much time due to rl to blog my fashion finds, I've decided to start blogging my graphics being that lately, I've found myself doing pictures based on my feelings and moods of whatever current situation I'm feeling and/or experiencing at the moment. Before I go any future if you would like to request graphic work to be done similar to what you will be seeing me blog, please note that there is much time and detail which goes into my work, with that being said it is not cheap. Starting pricing for graphics with similar detailing is 3500Ls. Any who here goes nothing...... hope you enjoy


Thoughts & Feelings:
It's been 3 years and counting, laughter, tears, full of emotions and many deep thoughts left unheard and untold. Today I woke up not caring who knows the love I've grown for you. Trust is something I've struggled with since, far beyond what my memory will allow me to memorize. The thought of no longer having you in my life, even for a short period of time, brings up emotions I've honestly thought I'd never have again. Feeling like I've yet again allowed what I truly care about slip out of grasp, because of pride and fear of a broken heart. To heal my mind and physical being rather walk away, but too love is what I gave my word to do, and for this reasoning my heart fights my mind to stay. Some call it being sprung but I call it True Love, while other just see it as Emotions.

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