Sunday, November 20, 2011


IDOLIZE: to love or admire or look up too.

“When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm already better than them.”
― Marilyn Monroe

I had every intention on posting this post yesterday, until a few unexpected things came into play. I no that I at times can be among the hardest person to please or even get along with, but once thats by passed i'm that friend that can be called on in time of need, irregardless of what that need maybe if I have and you ask you have as well. (even though i may talk about you to my husband. Don't worry your secrets are safe with us. LOL) Now yesterday was one of those days where a certain mother fucka decided ok I'mma dislike and unfriend Toy. It's funny how people put on fronts as if they care when they want something or preparing there self to ask for something (such as 2k or discounts on damn graphics.) but turn around and claim, oh I only added you because of such and such. Now that I'm not talking to such and such I'm back to not liking you but never the less you do dress nice and yea I borrowed some shit from your inventory to decorate my house but that don't mean nothing cause I still didn't like you then. That's why I waited til you rezzed the set that you let me use and told you i already have that set (which was a damn lie.) Now this bitch of course didn't have the heart or guts to come at me like this, (even though i would of respected it.) but this is how I've registered it all in my head lol. Any who Enough of my venting, yall no i had to share this but I'm going to let by gones be by gones and Toniia Resident go back to being that none factor she was before I decided to try and befriend her on her daughters behalf.

Now that I'm done running my mouth about none factors, lets talk about this look. Ladies when I first seen this dress it was a must have a instantly thought about Marilyn Monroe when I came across this lovely gown From Gizza my initial thoughts where "I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH IT IS I GOTTA HAVE THIS". Those whom personally know me know that I love me some Marilyn Monroe to the fullest. So much so that if I wasn't married and stayed alone her pictures would be threw out my crib. Marilyn Monroe was the "IT GIRL" of the late 50's, and being that i Idolize her as much as I do it was only right too do this post. SO thanks a bunch Gizza for the awesome gown. I didn't want to do a pin up look which wouldn't of been a bad idea, but nither did i want the picture to look from that of the 50's so i had a bit of a chanllege as to what hair i would wear, I ended up going with this blonde number from Iconic, which ended up completing what i will call a modern day Marilyn Monroe look. THANKS A BUNCH FOR THE HAIR NEVAEH. BOTH THESE PIECES GET TWO THUMBS UP AND 5 STARS!! TAKE A LOOK AND BE THE JUDGE OF IT YOURSELF!!!



Hair: [ICONIC] LaRica/Tawny
GOWN: **GizzA** Sophistic Gown [Pearl] (GLOVES INCLUDED)
NECKLACE: Miss Lee Necklace by The Blue Pearl which is now known as Aglaia (Gift from Fashanstar Haiku)
EARRINGS: Miss Lee Earring By The Blue Pearl which is now known as Aglaia (Gift from Fashanstar Haiku)
RING ON RIGHT HAND: Bandit - Regal Diamonds ring
SHOES:Debrah's "Suzy" Ultra H.Heels-White
WEDDING RINGS: Wedding Ring: JCNY Engravable Wedding Rings (Dr4zz I LOVE YOU BABY :P)

Location of photo-shoot: XIV

Poses in this photo are courtesy of The Gifted Poses, owned and operated by Fashanstar Haiku. (THANKS ALOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT GREEDY.)Graphics are courtesy of Obsession Graphix, Owned and operated by myself (Queentoy Cyberstar)

You've Officially been UpGraded *pops your collar*

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