Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Deep: extending far; having a specified dimension in depth

A deep person is someone who is a thinker, intensely passionate about life, love,people, causes, etc. Life to them is far more than the superficial side of looks, material things and status. A deep person looks for meaning in life, sees people beyond their outer appearance and experiences others emotions with them. A deep person will usually see many sides to a situation, circumstance and people. They feel more, love deeper, see the importance in the smallest of things and is extremely interesting to talk to about everything.

I almost titled this post Analytical, but then thought about how many may not be able to relate to such a word but in all reality, to consider yourself to be "deep", overall your saying your that of an Analytical thinker. I would personally say that I am indeed a Analytical thinker. I tend to, at times read between the lines a bit much and my curiosity tend to take me into the wondering of others as well as there motives. When it comes to my personality, introverted is what comes to my mind. Being that I'm goofy and silly and even loud (yes i admitted it.) Only a hand full has been able to get so close to me too see or even experience the many different aspects of which I bring forth. Just because you've been in my box a few times or have had the pleasure of having my map rights or have been able to simply be within my presence dose not mean that you no me or anything about me. I say this because recently I was approached by Savoy Nightfire, and was stated by her that "someone" in particular went to her and had not only the nerve but the heart to state to her that I was stealing and copying things from her blog and basically re-blogging. Now maybe, just maybe Im over thinking things here and being a bit overly analytical, but since when does one hear something from another and approaches someone about an issue without checking things out for there self? Not only was I told that, and I quote "I just wanted to make sure that you wouldnt actually look at my blog, and use it as a blueprint for yours, the blog structure, the stores that are unique to me, etc." Now when this was stated the bipolar in me was like "WAIT WAIT WAIT, HOLD THE FUCKING PRESSES", but the Deep in me said " lmaoo this is straight comedy to me right now, im far from a copier or a thief for that matter, so whom ever it was would be nice to have there names. What do i look like taking time out of my day to copy what the hell somebody else is doing what i do on my blog is what i feel and as far as any groups which i am in they were either extended invites or groups threw that of extended invites. whats next my graphics are similar too urs as well? smh people kill me but trust and believe u me that shit like that has happened, went down, or gone on, and im actually offended at the fact that u would think that i would actually do something of that nature. Now I'm wondering who is it that has been stalking my shit to have it in them to run back as if i'm copying anything u are doing. Love, I have no problem stating any blogs that i currently vist or read good work is good work and time is vauleable and of my time i honestly do not have it on my hands to copy another. Thanks for getting in my box about the situation. Gives me something else to blog about." I find it amazing how eventually, people tend to always show there true colors. First and fore most for any and all bloggers or even none bloggers out there you are more then free to wear buy or take anything that is on my blog and re-blog wear or even i.m me and ask for a landmark. When I blog looks i blog looks to share my finds with others. I never blog about things being new because honestly I do not really no if there new or not nor do i care. What i do no is the price i paid and where it was bought. Fashion is a statement and the statement in which I'm making is "BE YOU" and this blog is all me!! Sl is not thee first virutal game that i have played people. I came from a game called IMVU and on imvu anyone that was around me on imvu can tell you I was just as much into fashion there as i am here. AND I LOVE FASHION AS WELL AS GRAPHICS AS MUCH AS I DO DUE TO THE FACT THAT IT IS A REAL LIFE PASSION OF MINES NOT A ACT THAT IS PUT ON FOR MY BLOG READERS OR FRIENDS. THE NAME LETMEUPGRADECHA WAS NOT CREATED JUST FOR THIS BLOG, IT IS A NAME THAT I MADE AND CREATED NEARLY 5 YEARS AGO ( DO YOUR MATH THIS WAS BEFORE THE SONG LET ME UP GRADE YOU BY BEYONCE EVEN WAS PRODUCED.) NOW LETS USE BEYONCE AS A EXAMPLE. DO YOU THINK SHE WANTED TO COPY OR BLUEPRINT ANYTHING OF MINES? HELL NAW, BEYONCE DON'T NO ANYTHING ABOUT ME OR OF ME SO WHY IS IT THAT PEOPLE THINK THAT THINGS ARE JUST MEANT FOR THEM. NOTHING WITHIN SL IS MEANT FOR JUST ONE PERSON IF IT WAS THEN THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE ANOTHER IS ABLE TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM!! I CAN GO ON FOR DAYS, BUT IM GOING TO LAY IT TO REST FOR NOW.

.......... TO BE CONTINUED






Bracelet: erratic / cuff / gold
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00
Earrings: p.c; Studded Gold Circles
Shirt: TART button down Tee Red
Belt: *COCO*_WideBelt_Brown
Jacket: Emery - Jacket Roxe #Black
Nails: [MANDALA]SINRA nails Gold
Leggings: Emery - Legging Roxe #Slash
Hair: (epoque hair) Kabuki Empire - Genetic
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Dark Brown Suede
Clutch: ::HH:: Hucci Knuckle Clutch - Snakeskin Tan
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Triangle squares (
Ring on left hand: JCNY Engravable Wedding Rings (Dr4zz I LOVE YOU BABY :P)

Poses in this photo are courtesy of TWISTED POSES owned and operated by Kitt Deluxe (THANKS A BUNCH HEFFA) and The Gifted Poses, owned and operated by Fashanstar Haiku (THANKS ALOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT GREEDY.) Graphics are courtesy of Obsession Graphix, Owned and operated by myself (Queentoy Cyberstar)

You've Officially been UpGraded *pops your collar*

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